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What do you do all winter?

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Each year, following the harvest season, the landscape becomes ever more grey and then white, and as farmers we put away our tools and spend the next few months resting and hibernating, right?

People regularly ask us the question: ‘What do you do all winter?’ A completely natural question when it comes to an apple orchard. After all, in barely seven months, the apple tree has run its seasonal course, from bud to fruit. What about the rest of the year? And yet, there are times in winter when we have the impression of being busier than in the summertime!

The following is a brief overview. Right before Christmas, we are especially ‘pressed for time’ pressing apples for cider and wine. In January, with people making New Year’s resolutions, the consumption of apples suddenly and suspiciously 😉 increases, which speeds up our packing facility. Then in February, it’s already time to start pruning the trees.

Then there are the day to day things – storing and maintaining equipment, marketing and distributing our products, participating in conferences, workshops and association meetings, infinite administrative tasks, and lots and lots of planning. Each time we plant an additional bloc of apple trees, we make a decision that will have repercussions on the business for at least 20 years – this requires research and consideration.

Finally, our store and café are open all year long! We’re currently working on adding off-season activities so that there are more ‘things to do’ available to the public throughout the year.

And as spring approaches, we seem to have the same reaction every year: ‘We’re looking forward to spring!’ followed by ‘It’s already spring!?’.

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