Our store and market are currently closed for the season. We anticipate reopening in mid-August 2022 for the upcoming apple season.


Apples are one of the most grown and fabled fruits in the world

Grown for thousands of years, orchard apples (Malus pumila or domestica) trace their ancestry to several regions of the globe and to the mountains of Central Asia in particular. They are one of the most grown and fabled fruits in the world as a result of their great taste, texture and health benefits.

Apples are also borne from highly adaptable trees. Even in the span of our own orchard’s lifetime, the cultivation of apple trees has gone mainly from large free-standing trees to high-density dwarfing trees grown with the help of trellis systems (not unlike a vineyard!).

Today we grow more than twenty cultivars, including many heirlooms as well as newer in-demand apples, such as the Honey Crisp, which happens to grow particularly well in our Maritime climate.

In addition to making use of innovative techniques and equipment, we continue to depend on the timeless contributions of the soil, pollinators, scientific knowledge and hard work.

Verger Belliveau Orchard