Our store and market are currently closed for the season. We anticipate reopening in mid-August 2022 for the upcoming apple season.

On Leaving the Dieppe Market

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Most farmers’ market goers in the region will tell you that the Dieppe Farmers’ Market is a top-notch market. The quality and variety of local products is hard to surpass, the atmosphere is a merry-go-round of familiar faces and smiling visitors, and it is always well organized. So why did we leave?

We can assure you that as a founding member of the Really Local Harvest farmer co-op, which helped establish the market 10 years ago and continues to manage it to this day, leaving the market was not an easy decision. It was part of our weekly routine to set-up and attend the market, and greet and socialize with amazing customers. The decision boiled down to one word: change.

We’re excited about many projects that are on the horizon. This new website for one! And well, hopefully, a wider variety of products at our farm market, a new food menu at our café, a new road sign, a facelift for our wine labels, an outdoors patio, and the list goes on. As you can imagine, these things take time and… focus.

As much as the Dieppe Market was an exciting opportunity for us to have weekly interactions with the public, it also took a lot of behind-the-scenes time and resources we felt would go a long way towards helping to realize our other goals. We were glad to see that our vacant market booth was quickly gobbled up, and now we look forward to unveiling more and more new on-farm initiatives!

We remain grateful to the people who have supported us throughout the years at the Dieppe Market, and to those who continue to ensure it is an attractive space for all things local food.

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